Implementation of personal data protection in accordance with GDPR and other EU regulations

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  1. Expand and strengthen your business in the EU and globally by respecting privacy and protects the user from any damage.
  2. As a GDPR compliant partner who has implemented robust personal data protection processes, get major international clients.
  3. Protect your company and top management from risks and fines up to EUR 20 million by embedding Privacy by design principles at the initial stage of product development.
  4. Gain a competitive advantage in tenders by contacting the company specialising exclusively in GDPR Compliance.
  5. Save millions on system modifications with the help of internationally certified professionals.
  6. Build the trust of end users by receiving GDPR training in a simple, easy-to-understand, real-world, language-specific way.

Our consultants

Сергей Воронкевич
Siarhei Varankevich CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, MBA, FIP
Founder of Data Privacy Office LLC. Data Protection Trainer and Principal Consultant
MBA, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT). Started to work with the GDPR draft version, in 2015, in Munich. Defended his MBA thesis about the Regulation, in Bremen, in 2016. In 2020, he was awarded the title of IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) thanks to the recommendations of respected experts.
Sergei Tchernyshenko CIPT, GDPR DPP
Sergei Tchernyshenko CIPT, GDPR DPP
Trainer in data protection technology and information security management
Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), GDPR Data Privacy Professional (GDPR DPP). Professional in the field of IT infrastructure, information security, risk management, and business continuity. Chief Information & Data Protection Officer, and member of the Directors Council at Intetics Inc.
Louis-Philippe Gratton
Louis-Philippe Gratton PhD, LLM
Privacy Expert
Academic, lawyer (Québec Bar), Ph.D. (France), LL.M. (Canada and Switzerland). Worked in Canada, France, and Switzerland, including as a consultant on comparative privacy law for the Department of Justice of Québec. Fluent in French and English.
Елена Себякина
Elena Sebyakina CIPP/E, Privacy by design; GDPR DPP, DPM, DPT
Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant
Since 2014, Elena has specialized on privacy. Till June 2020 she was a Global DPO in an international IT company, where she implemented GDPR processes and principles in all main processes of the group. Under Elena’s supervision was developed a web portal for collection of electronic consents and processing of DSRs; the process of handling of Personal data breaches.
Юлия Богданова
Yuliya Bahdanava LLB, GDPR DPP, GDPR DPM
GDPR Junior Consultant
Bachelor of Laws, GDPR Data Privacy Professional, GDPR Data Privacy Manager. Specializes in register of processing activities (RoPA) creation, auditing IT-products and documents and holding Privacy by Design sessions. Acts as assistant trainer of Data Privacy Professional course.
Яна Кузнецова
Yana Kuzniatsova LLB, GDPR DPP, DPT, DPM, Privacy by design
Privacy Associate Consultant
Yana specializes in supporting IT clients. She advises on data protection, documents and products auditing (websites, applications, and games). She will also help you with drawing up a register of processing activities (RoPA), privacy and cookie policies. She knows how to formalize the relationship between controllers and processors.
Анастасия Пархимович
Nastassia Parkhimovich LLM, CIPP/E, GDPR DPP
GDPR Consultant
Nastassia has successfully completed GDPR Data Privacy Professional course. She speaks English and German. As an in-house lawyer in IT-companies Nastassia took part in integration of GDPR rules and policies into software products to be marketed in the EU. Consulting editor of “Lawyer” journal.
Анастасия Вербанович
Anastasia Verbanovich LLB, GDPR DPP
GDPR Junior Consultant
Anastasia specializes in drafting privacy policies and creating registers of processing activities. Anastasia has experience in consulting on issues of cross-border data transfer and documenting the relationship between controllers and processors. Fluent in English, and also speaks German.
Дарья Заграничнова
Daria Zagranichnova CIPP/E, GDPR DPP
GDPR Consultant
Lawyer, GDPR Data Privacy Professional. Daria has experience in conducting internal GDPR compliance audits of business processes, privacy risks assessments and negotiating data privacy agreements.
Надежда Грабовская
Nadzeya Hrabouskaya CIPP/E, GDPR DPP, GDPR DPM
GDPR Consultant
Nadzeya has experience in internal inventory of personal data, assessing data transfer, assessing the presence of a legitimate interest, assessing privacy risks, developing engineering recommendations in accordance with an understanding of the company's needs and internal constraints.


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