Free webinar on “What is information privacy?” it will take place on February 18.


Maria Arnst CIPM, TÜV, Strategic Privacy by Design will talk about everyone’s right to privacy, why it is important and how to protect yourself from “intrusions”.

Personal data is one of the most basic resources on earth. And this, on the one hand, contributes to the development of business, the formation of individual point offers, which simplifies the life of an ordinary person. On the other hand, it provokes feelings of excessive openness and fear of vulnerability. Thanks to the webinar, you will learn how to find a balance between these extremes.


Who will be interested?

  1. Employees and representatives of companies where personal data is processed. You will be imbued with the value and importance of information privacy. You will be able to understand why a business needs a culture of personal data protection and how it relates to the concept of “environmental friendliness”. And most importantly-you will understand all this not from the side of the organization, but from the point of view of the subject. This way you can feel the real risks that you can create for people if you turn a blind eye to privacy issues.
  2. People who would like to understand how legal it is that companies request very personal information. You will learn what information privacy is and what its value is. You will also be able to understand when the collection of your personal data is legal, and when, on the contrary, it is a gross violation. You will understand how to protect yourself in the era of global digitalization, be more vigilant and be able to prevent excessive surveillance.


Registration is required by the link.

We are waiting for you on February 18 at 17: 00 (Moscow time). The webinar will be held in the format of an online conference in ZOOM.

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