The third meeting of the DPO Club took place in 2019

Every month, with the support of the Data Privacy Office, DPO Club Meetings are held. At the last meeting, which took place on March 13, it was about the following:

  1. Real experience with DPIA GDPR taking into account the recommendations of European supervisory authorities
  2. Security of personal data in the context of the general security of citizens
  3. What language should you use for documentation in Russia? Convenience of the company and the realities of regulatory authorities
  4. Liability of the data protection officer “by law” and by the internal rules of the company

DPO Club is a closed community of practicing information privacy professionals working in the CIS. The club includes data protection officers (DPO), lawyers and information security specialists involved in projects to implement the GDPR, as well as researchers and scientists in the field. Together we create a platform for communication, mutual assistance and exchange of topical news.

If you have experience or professional interest, you can join the club here for free.

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