Safe marketing. How to create successful marketing campaigns without breaking the law


Do you want to launch a marketing campaign for the European market but are afraid of getting fined? At the webinar, we will determine the points of contact of marketing campaigns with the GDPR, we will analyze when and why a user can leave CJM and what rules of the game have been established by European legislation.


Date: October 6
Time: 16:00
Price: Free
Location: online


In the digital marketing world, personal data has become the foundation of everything. They are necessary to find potential customers, increase sales, and attract new partners. Companies want to know which pages the user visited before leaving the application, what methods of communication he prefers, what interests of the client can be used to further set up targeted advertising. Ownership of data for a company is the key to successful operation in the market. The paradox is that users cannot assess the scale and volume of their personal data processed on the Internet. That is why Europe has set the global legislative trend to strengthen the protection of personal data.

GDPR is the olive branch that a business can reach out to customers. GDPR compliance in Europe is a trend and a competitive advantage, as well as a commitment that a business takes to its customers. Compliance with the regulations in digital marketing will help a company to win a customer from the first meeting on the Internet.





1. Where to start? What are the regulations governing digital marketing in Europe?

2. The time has come. At what stage of digital marketing does the need to protect personal data arise?

3. Or maybe it won't? What sanctions and fines face companies for violating the provisions of the GDPR?

4. What to do with the site? Let's cover the most important information about the regulation of cookies.

5. Compliance with regulations anytime, anywhere. How to regulate targeted advertising, email marketing, telephone marketing, etc.?

6.100% practice. Let's consider the benefits of adhering to the principles of the Regulations in digital marketing using the example of live cases.


The speaker

GDPR Consultant
Lawyer, GDPR Data Privacy Professional. Daria has experience in conducting internal GDPR compliance audits of business processes, privacy risks assessments and negotiating data privacy agreements.

For whom?


The webinar will be useful for employees of large companies, startups that are just starting to enter the European market: managers, marketers, sales managers, IT specialists, consultants in the field of personal data protection, information security and law. And also to all those who are concerned about the question: "What is happening with my data on the Internet?"



!Each webinar participant will receive an author's cookie compliance checklist!




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