Why is information privacy important?

About what big corporations know about us.




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Personal data has long been turned into a commodity and the most valuable resource on earth, becoming the oil of the 21st century. Google and Facebook were the first to show ads based on the analysis of their users' behavior — targeting. Contextual advertising quickly gained momentum, and such giants as Amazon, Microsoft and Apple joined this system.

It's no secret that companies make a lot of money by collecting personal data. Knowing your preferences, interests, and even marital status makes it easier for businesses to advertise and sell their products. A recommendation feed on Instagram, suggestions on VKontakte, or a browser search history can tell you a lot about a particular person's habits and tastes.

It turns out that our social networks and services know everything about us. Or almost everything. But do people guess what exactly companies are politely asking to share personal data for? We will discuss this and other issues together with Maria Arnst.



The speaker

Maria Arnst CIPM, TÜV, Strategic Privacy by Design, DPP
Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant, Privacy researcher
Certified Information Privacy Manager, member of International Association of Privacy Professionals with experience of being a Data Protection Officer for European companies, including those focused on privacy and data security. Certified as Data Protection Officer by TÜV (Germany's leading and one of the world's leading independent testing and certification services group), trained in Strategic Privacy by Design.

For whom?


dpo Anyone who wants to learn more about what is happening with their personal data and how to protect themselves in the era of global digitalization.

Journalists, lawyers, marketers, information security specialists, project managers who want to understand the value and importance of personal data protection.


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