GDPR Aware

Corporate training of employees in GDPR rules.


Online, full-time

English, Russian

Why the course is important?

The human factor is the main cause of reputational and financial losses of any company. In the field of privacy, the price of such an error increases critically. One way to reduce the risks associated with paying fines and compensation for violations of GDPR requirements is to train the team.

GDPR Aware is the optimal solution for corporate training for those who are not directly involved in personal data protection. For those who do not want to delve into such subtleties of interaction with the Regulations as «cross-border transfer». the Course doesn't overload narrow and complex topics, but only provides the necessary knowledge base on personal data protection according to the GDPR.

For whom?

  1. Managers who would like to make competent decisions about working on the GDPR rules. At the same time, they have a very limited time, so the option «climb into the wilds» is definitely not suitable.
  2. Operational employees who regularly interact with personal data. It is important to learn how to identify the request from the personal data subject and transfer it to the right hands.
  3. Specialists from a specific department who need to know only a few aspects of working with the Regulations. The program will be adapted to the specifics and wishes.

After training:

✓ You will master the GDPR rules and start taking care of your personal data in your work, because the opposite can lead to fines and sanctions.

✓ You will make correct and reasoned decisions when working on the rules of the Regulations.

✓ You be able to communicate in the same language and learn the correct terminology.

✓ If the subject is requested or personal data is leaked, you will be ready to take the necessary actions within the established time frame.

GDPR Aware will help you decide:

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Lead the business processes in compliance to the GDPR or not?
What are the risks if we disobey?
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Аутсорс DPO
In the entire organization or only in some projects?
Who will be responsible for implementation?
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Comply with the Regulations in full or in part?
How high a priority will this project be?
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The training program includes:

  1. GDPR overview: subjects, rights and obligations, cross-border data transfer.
  2. Business consequences, fines, and enforcement.
  3. What applies to personal data under the GDPR? And which categories of personal data are sensitive?
  4. Personal data processing.
  5. Depersonalization and pseudonymisation.
  6. Territorial effect of the GDPR.


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