GDPR vs personal data protection laws in Ukraine and Belarus

Data Privacy Office and Privacy HUB continue a series of panel discussions on the future of personal data protection in Ukraine and Belarus.


Date: 16.09.2021

Time: 17:00 (GMT+3)

Format: online

Price: free


At the panel discussion, we will talk about privacy trends in Belarus, Ukraine and the world.


GDPR vs законы о защите персональных данных в Украине и Беларуси


1. Novelties of the draft law of Ukraine: what is the novelty in comparison with the GDPR.
2. Possible difficulties in the implementation of the law in Ukraine.
3. We inform the data subject: the minimum standard under Belarusian law and the GDPR standard.
4. Consent is not a panacea: why will the attempts of Belarusian organizations to "close" all issues with consent not lead to success?
5. Video surveillance: offices, shops, museums, streets ... How to respect the rights of data subjects?


And all this is compared to the GDPR.



Консультации и обучение по GDPR от DРО LLC

Data Privacy Office — consulting and training company. We bring businesses and IT products in line with GDPR and protect users' personal data.

privacy hub

Privacy Hub — a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that brings together privacy experts and advocates for increased privacy protection for individuals.




  1. Dmitry Korchinsky, LL.M., CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP.
    Founder of Privacy Hub, Chief Specialist on Personal Data Protection at PrivatBank JSC.

  2. Artyom Kobrin, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, CDPSE.
    Founder of Privacy Hub, personal data protection specialist of CB PrivatBank JS.

  3. Maria Arnst, CIPM, TÜV, Strategic Privacy by Design, DPP.
    Data Privacy Expert, Privacy Awareness Manager at Vinted, Privacy Podcast Co-Founder and Host.

  4. Catherine Parkhimovich, LLM, GPDR DPP.
    Data Privacy Office Consultant.

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