Corporate training

The expert trains your employees, adapting the training program to the specifics and geography of the business. It is beneficial for large groups of 12-20 people.


Full-time, online

English and Russian languages of training


We live in a time when companies need to adapt to the rapidly changing realities of what is happening. High rates of business development require the same high qualifications from employees, as they must be able to act independently in any conditions. It is not so easy to find specialists who have all the competencies, especially when it comes to working with GDPR. Therefore, it is cheaper and more reliable to train full-time employees.

During corporate training, employees from different departments acquire skills to work in a multi-expert team, which will allow them to solve problems arising from privacy efficiently and quickly in the future. Therefore, it is important that people of different positions speak “the same language” and use the same terminology when working with personal data. In addition, trained and qualified employees are more motivated and open up new opportunities for the company's growth.

Benefits of GDPR corporate training:


dpo   Confidentiality

We take care of the reputation of our customers and don't disclose information about the state of personal data protection in the company. We always enter into a non-disclosure agreement and strictly adhere to it.


dpo Focus on problem solving

During the training, we don't use abstract cases, but analyze specific situations that arise within your company. That is, a minimum of useless theory "to nowhere" and a maximum of personal recommendations and directions for action for your business.


dpo We adapt to you

All courses are available in both full-time and online format. You can also choose the language: Russian or English. The program is formed according to a special constructor, in order to adapt it as much as possible to the planned group.


dpo The working group

As a result of corporate training, a working group of employees on GDPR implementation is formed in your company, which is able to solve almost any problem related to the protection of personal data.


dpo Knowledgebase

You will get lifetime access to course materials on the miro whiteboard. Exactly like all the diagrams, infographics and cases used during training. There will also be a chat with the coach in one of the messengers, where you can ask your questions.

Which employees should be invited to corporate training?


✔ Lawyers

✔ HR Managers

✔ Information Security Specialists

✔ System architects and business analysts

✔ Project and product managers

✔ Marketers and PR specialists

Why Data Privacy Office?

Our courses have stood the test of time, as we have been teaching since 2017. The program is supplemented taking into account the wishes of participants and recent regulations, precedents.
Аутсорс DPO
We have repeatedly conducted corporate training for the different companies and we know for sure that the results are there.
Our team consists only of internationally certified coaches. In addition, they were previously responsible for privacy in the inhouse, and now they are consultants and trainers in the Data Privacy Office.


Siarhei Varankevich CIPP/E, CIPM, MBA, FIP
Founder of Data Privacy Office LLC. Data Protection Trainer and Principal Consultant
MBA, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). Started to work with the GDPR draft version, in 2015, in Munich. Defended his MBA thesis about the Regulation, in Bremen, in 2016. In 2020, he was awarded the title of IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) thanks to the recommendations of respected experts.

Siarhei delivered hundreds of consultations on GDPR issues to companies around the world. He helped to implement the GDPR program as an external project manager in over 50 companies.

In LinkedIn
Maria Arnst CIPM, TÜV, Strategic Privacy by Design, DPP
Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant, Privacy researcher
Certified Information Privacy Manager, member of International Association of Privacy Professionals with experience of being a Data Protection Officer for European companies, including those focused on privacy and data security. Certified as Data Protection Officer by TÜV (Germany's leading and one of the world's leading independent testing and certification services group), trained in Strategic Privacy by Design.

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