Personal data in Europe and Belarus. What does the new Law change for business?


We all miss the offline events! Therefore, we are glad to invite you to our seminar, which we will conduct together with Alfa-Business Hub and "REVERA".


Date: September 17
Time: 13:00
Place: Alfa-Business Hub (Minsk, Nemiga st., 5)

It is much easier to win in the competition if you know everything about your customers, website visitors and partners. This is how the global trend was formed: if a business wants to develop rapidly, then it must become data-oriented: collect, accumulate personal data, come up with new ways and purposes for using it.

With the adoption of the GDPR in Europe, the rules of the game have changed: only those companies that have restructured themselves succeed in the market, continuing to collect only the necessary data, while not posing a threat to people who trust them with their personal information.

The regulation came into force 3 years ago and during this time has motivated millions of companies to prevent data leaks, and customers to choose more carefully with whom to share personal data.


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At the webinar, we will tell you:

1. Why is personal data the new oil?
2. How do European regulations relate to local business?
4. What does a business owner need to know and what to do to prepare for the new reality of the Law on Personal Data in Belarus?
5. What kind of personal data breaches do I have?
6. What should the main points of contact (such as the website, applications, mailing list subscription forms, feedback forms, etc.) look like in terms of their compliance with the new Law?



Julia Bogdanova, Consultant at Data Privacy Office, LLB, GDPR DPP, GDPR DPM.

Alena Potorskaya, leading lawyer of the information technology and intellectual property practice of REVERA.

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