Privacy by Design

Training in a strategic approach to the implementation of the principles of designed privacy according to the author's methodology Jason Kronka.


500 EURO

March 18-19, 2021

Are you developing an it product for the EU market, but are you afraid of getting a fine for non-compliance with the GDPR?
The finished application is not uploaded to marketplaces and requires confirmation of privacy-compliance?
Investors refused to work with the product, as it does not comply with the rules Of the regulation on the protection of personal data?
Report to shareholders is close, and GDPR risks of products are too high?

After completing this course, you will receive an action plan on how to design a system according to Privacy by Design, master the method of designed privacy during development and will be able to make decisions that do not violate the privacy of users and will not become a magnet for fines under the GDPR.

For whom?

✓ Developers

✓ Project and product managers

✓ UX designers

✓ Product Owner



To all professionals who are engaged in creating products and are interested in making these products privacy-friendly. 

What will you learn?

  1. How to identify individuals who pose a potential threat to privacy?
  2. How to build and implement a Privacy by Designed from scratch?
  3. How to predict privacy violations?
  4. What tactics and strategies can be used to reduce the risks of privacy violations?
  5. What are the consequences of privacy violations for the user?
  6. How to create a FAIR risk assessment model (Factor analysis of information risk)?
  7. How to apply the developed system of Privacy by Designed to real products and services?


Maria Arnst CIPM, TÜV, Strategic Privacy by Design, DPP
Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant, Privacy researcher
Certified Information Privacy Manager, member of International Association of Privacy Professionals with experience of being a Data Protection Officer for European companies, including those focused on privacy and data security. Certified as Data Protection Officer by TÜV (Germany's leading and one of the world's leading independent testing and certification services group), trained in Strategic Privacy by Design.

Why us?


Courses from certified according to international standards of experts in the field of data privacy.


Focus on practical cases and risk analysis in product development.

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