AI vs. Privacy: Don't hide, Don't hide


The Data Privacy Office is launching a series of webinars on Artificial Intelligence and Privacy, during which experts will discuss global trends, approaches and controversial moments of increasing the importance of AI in our lives.


Date: December 10

Time: 18:00

Format: online


The popularity of technologies based on intelligent intelligence is only gaining momentum. People can no longer imagine how to live differently, without all the amenities. In particular, without a face recognition system when unlocking the phone, paying for services, investigating crimes and registering for some services. Some pluses, right?


Is not it!


    1. The introduction of face recognition technology is ahead of not only legal regulation, but also the formation of ethical standards.
    2. State bodies and private companies implement recognition systems, neglecting the assessment of the possible consequences and impact on the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of an individual and the whole society.


Do you work with artificial intelligence technologies? Do you want to know how the principles of privacy are regulated in a promising area?

AI vs. Privacy: Не спрятаться, Не скрыться


Join the webinar, where we will talk about your questions:


1) The face recognition system as a herald of the era of artificial intelligence.

2) Challenges faced by different jurisdictions.

3) Proposed approaches to regulating face recognition technology.

4) The attitude of various countries and international movements to the development of artificial intelligence.

5) Comparison of recommendations and requirements of national and international legal norms.


Denis Sadovnikov
Chief legal expert of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Main Radio Frequency Center of Roskomnadzor.

Siarhey Voronkevich
Founder of Data Privacy Office, trainer and lead consultant.

Alexander Tyulkanov
Expert in AI and personal data regulation.

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