We create and fill RoPA in 5 days

Free marathon to compile a Record of processing activities in accordance with all GDPR rules.


Date: November 8-12

Price: Free


Would you like to stop being afraid of «scarecrows» about supervisory authorities and work according to all privacy rules? Just where to start?

You need to find out what personal data is collected, what happens to it, why and how long it is processed. You should be aware of the movement of personal information even more than about money movements. The solution will be a register of personal data, and you can learn how to compile it on our marathon.




Day 1. We transform into Sherlock Holmes and define the categories of personal data.

Day 2. We become "why" and find out the purpose of the processing and the applicability of the GDPR.

Day 3. Now is the time to determine if you are the boss of this treatment. That is, a processor or (co-) controller.

Day 4. It seems that we need to get rid of the excess. Only when - let's define the terms of deletion.

Day 5. Now, by the letter of GDPR, we find the legal basis (Contract, Legitimate Interest, Consent, etc.)



In real time, we will analyze one processing from Sales, HR, Department of Law, IT product, Marketing.

And now - now you can independently fill out the register of personal data in your company. Remember to boast to your boss that with a registry, the supervisor will be more loyal to you.

!What is the difference between a marathon and a webinar?


At the webinar, the speaker will share information, and at the marathon, you learn to put everything into practice in your work under the guidance of a coach.

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