Strategic Privacy by Design

Workshop by R. Jason Cronk CIPT, CIPM, CIPP/US, FIP by the IAPP, PbD Ambassador, author of the book «Strategic Privacy by Design»
from 22 June to 23 June2020
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Moscow / Russia


Strategic Privacy by Design workshop is a two days workshop to help companies build privacy considerations into their product offerings.

Privacy by Design is an international concept championed by regulators and industry alike as a means of building trust into interactions with consumers. Called "data protection by design" by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy by design can be an effective tool for not only regulatory compliance but building better products and services. 

The workshop consists of training around the conceptual foundations of Privacy by Design, followed by training on a practical "strategic" process to achieve it. Up to 30 participants per workshop will learn how to identify invasions from a use case and then strategies and tactics to mitigate those issues. The course has been approved for 5.5 CPE credits towards CIPT/CIPM certifications.



Privacy by Design Trainer
Speaker and writer on the subject of Privacy, including presentations at multiple IAPP events, the Privacy and Security Forum, the Intel Security Conference. Guest lecturer at Florida State University and Indiana University. Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

Interpretation by Siarhei Varankevich

Siarhei Varankevich CIPP/E, CIPM, MBA
Co-Founder & CEO of Data Privacy Office LLC. Data Protection Trainer and Principal Consultant
MBA, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). Started to work with the GDPR draft version, in 2015, in Munich. Defended his MBA thesis about the Regulation, in Bremen, in 2016

Siarhei delivered hundreds of consultations on GDPR issues to companies around the world. He helped to implement the GDPR program as an external project manager in over 50 companies.

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After the course you can answer the following questions

privacy student
How to identify threatening actors?
How to construct a privacy model from scratch?
privacy student
privacy student
How to identify potential privacy invasions?
What strategies and practices can be used to mitigate privacy risks?
privacy student
privacy student
What are the consequences of privacy breaches for individuals?
How to develop a privacy risk model based on FAIR (Factor analysis of information risk)?
privacy student
privacy student
How to apply the design process to real-world examples?


Mr. Cronk is an engaging and deeply knowledgeable speaker and was able to explain complicated concepts in terms that made them simple and resonated with his audience. His thought-provoking material helped people reframe their thoughts through the day. In addition, his card was really good tool and enjoyable.

– Simon Clark

The course chellenged our preconseptions, there were great insights into how technology brings both opportunities and threats to the privacy of our customers and internal users. The focus on real world examples in an interactive group environment meant we could share ideas with privacy professionals from different backgrounds and learn from Jason as well as each other.

– Richard Poole


Course in brief

4 interesting sessions
World's leading authority on Privacy by Design
8 hours of turning into Privacy by Design professionals
Several rounds of the Privacy by Design card game

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Coffee and lunch
Certificate of Completion
Training venue

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Certificate on completion

Training is an organizational measure, and is a duty reflected in the General Data Protection Regulation, Articles 24, 25, 28, 32, and 39 (1) b). So, the certificate will be as an approval that you get necessary information and practice in the sphere of Privacy by design.


Strategic Privacy by Design

Book «Strategic Privacy by Design» 

The first IAPP book to get into the details of how privacy by design works, with dozens of sample scenarios, workflows, charts, and tables. Use it as a standalone text to inform your work, or pair it with our CIPM and CIPT textbooks to create a fuller picture of how managing a global privacy program today requires mix of legal knowledge, management skills, and technical acumen.


“Jason Cronk’s Strategic Privacy by Design sets forth a clear, comprehensive, and highly practical blueprint for incorporating privacy into design. Cronk deftly explains the dimensions of privacy in a sophisticated way that is enlightening not just to novices but also to seasoned experts. Cronk’s copious use of concrete examples is some of the very best I’ve seen. Well organized and accessible, this book has numerous helpful charts and illustrations. This book is an essential resource for engineers as well as privacy professionals.”

– Prof. Daniel Solove, George Washington University Law School and President of TeachPrivacy.

 “Having created Privacy by Design so many years ago, it is truly heartwarming to see a book dedicated to exploring its application and breadth! Jason has done an excellent job in outlining the value of proactively embedding privacy into the design of one’s operations, in an effort to prevent the privacy harms from arising. Jason’s book will no doubt become a welcome addition in many jurisdictions.”

– Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., Three-term Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence, Ryerson University.


The book costs $50 at the IAPP website. You will get a copy signed by the author!


Privacy by Design card game

Full Tournament Deck (up to 8 players)

Your goal as a team is to end up with as few privacy violations and consequences as possible. It’s not a game you could mindlessly play you have to keep your wits with you and think strategically about your moves in order to have the upper hand.

  • 122 Playable Cards
  • 47 Information Cards
  • 26 Tactics
  • 33 Violations
  • 16 Consequences
    • 4 non-playable cards (126 total)
    • Dealer card
    • PbD training card


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