We created the PDF article generator on GDPR-Text.com

We launched a PDF article generator on GDPR-Text.com.




Thanks to the new functionality, each registered user can download a PDF version of any of the Articles of the Regulations. The file includes not only the main text, but also expert comments, preambles, explanations, clarifications and precedents. At the same time, users have the opportunity to independently select the content of the PDF version of the article using a special filter. The new functionality saves a lot of time and effort when working with the text of the Regulations.

The article generator is the result of the fruitful work of the Data Privacy Office team members – Sergey Varankevich, co-founder, trainer and lead consultant, and Anna Belikh, web developer.

We remind you that the GDPR-TEXT.COM resource is an interactive guide to the GDPR with the text of the Regulation in 17 languages ​​(official texts and translations), as well as article-by-article comments, explanations of supervisory authorities and court precedents.

The translation into Russian was carried out by a team of experts, focusing on the 4 official languages ​​of the European Union (English, Polish, French and German). The work was carried out under the editorship and guidance of Sergey Varankevich CIPP / E, CIPM, MBA.

P.S. The article generator on GDPR-Text.com is currently in test mode. We are modernizing the functionality to make working with the text of the Regulations even more convenient and efficient. We will be glad to receive all your comments and suggestions on the generator upgrade.

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