Siarhei Varankevich took part in the thematic week “Legalweek”


Siarhei Varankevich, CIPP / E, CIPM, MBA, FIP, spoke in the 3rd module of the conference “Legalweek. Activities of companies in the field of IT – 2021 “, which was devoted to the legal issues of advertising and collection of personal data. The topic of the report is “Finding gaps in the work with personal data and risk analysis”.

At the beginning of his speech, Sergey drew the attention of the participants that data as an asset will inevitably turn into data as a risk. That is, in order for the company not to violate the rules of the Regulations, each employee must realize that the more data, the more risks. So, it is better to collect them as little as possible and at the same time remove them as quickly as possible. During the review of the rules, Sergey used real cases that only confirmed this paradigm.

In addition, Sergey said that the work to bring the company to GDPR compliance should begin with an inventory of personal data processes. This step will allow you to find out what data is and where it is stored. The task of management is to go through all departments and collect as much information as possible. In this way, threats can be found and prevented.

Thematic week “LegalWeek. The activities of companies in the field of IT – 2021 ”was held from 22 to 26 March. The purpose of the event is to discuss legal issues, as well as to receive up-to-date information on changes in legislation related to activities in the field of information systems and technologies.

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