We have made changes to the GDPR-Text.com website.


Our team has made changes to the GDPR-Text.com website.

  1. Louis-Philippe Gratton, a privacy expert, wrote a detailed commentary on Article 12 of the GDPR.
  2. We have clarified the translations of the 101 and 102 preambles, which relate to the cross-border transfer of personal data and article 44 of the Regulation.
  3. Our team has finalized the definition of “third party” in Article 4 (10).

As a reminder, GDPR-TEXT.COM is an interactive guide to GDPR with the text of the Regulation in 17 languages ​​(official texts and translations), as well as article-by-article comments, explanations of supervisory authorities and court precedents. Here you will find a new, more accurate translation into Russian, as well as an official translation into Ukrainian.


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