New Year promotion from Data Privacy Office


New Year - with new knowledge 🎄


Are you dreaming of getting a new profession in 2022? Maybe this year you want to take the first steps in the field of privacy?

We believe that in 2022 all dreams must come true. Data Privacy Office is ready to help you with this. For our New Year promotion, we have compiled 3 packages of demanded courses at a special price.


1.Privacy Engineer


Hurry up to purchase the "Privacy Engineer" knowledge pack at a special price.

The package includes:

📌 GDPR Data Privacy Professional - Online course on personal data protection in accordance with GDPR from certified specialist Sergey Voronkevich;

📌 GDPR Data Privacy Data Privacy Technologist - This course covers the main aspects of ensuring data privacy in IT products and IT services .;

📌 Privacy by Design- Corporate training guide on creating a privacy-friendly IT product from the author of the Strategic Privacy by Design concept.

🌟 1200 euros for 3 courses instead of 1500 euros.


Do you want to master the profession of the future now? Thanks to the “Privacy Engineer” package, you will not only gain fundamental knowledge of working under the GDPR rules, but also master the technical subtleties of designing privacy within systems, as well as develop a strategy for creating an IT product that is 100% GDPR-compliant.


2. Comprehensive DPO

By purchasing the "Profession: Data Protection Officer", which includes the GDPR Data Privacy Professional and the GDPR Data Privacy Manager, during the promotion period, you will receive the GDPR Data Privacy Technologist course as a gift.

The rapid development of technology is changing our world every day. This makes it necessary to monitor changes and learn new things. Our “Comprehensive DPO” package will allow you to obtain the necessary skills to work as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), as well as study the technical requirements for privacy.


3. Holder of CIPP / E certification


The special package "CIPP/E Certification Holder" includes the GDPR Data Privacy Professional course and CIPP/E Coaching: 2 essential courses that will help you prepare for the international exam and obtain the coveted CIPP/E certification.


🌟 1450 euros for 2 courses instead of 1750 euros.


Buy now - study at a convenient time.

The promotion is valid for all course dates in 2022, subject to purchase between December 15, 2021 and January 15, 2022.

To purchase any package - write ( or call our managers.

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