Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office” (LLC "DPO")

Data Privacy Office LLC (DPO) is a consulting company in the field of data privacy (data protection).

The main activities:

  • providing consulting services to companies operating in the CIS market,
  • delivering training courses on the data protection under the GDPR.


  • spreading data privacy awareness in society, namely by organizing relevant events,
  • coordinating Russian-speaking community of data protection professionals.


DPO helps companies to implement and maintain compliance with European data protection regulations and national laws.

Our customers:

  • Outsource companies in IT (data processors);
  • IT companies (data controllers working in AI, Big Data, mobile app, CRM, gaming industry);
  • Banks and payment systems established in EU or processing European personal data;
  • Social networks;
  • Transportation;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Pharmaceutical companies;
  • Medical clinics;
  • Mass-media;
  • Hosting providers.


Data Privacy Office was created by initiative of Siarhei Varankevich, a leading expert on GDPR in the post-Soviet countries.

In 2017 he returned to Eastern Europe from Germany after working in the field of information privacy and defending a MBA thesis on the topic of GDPR.

After one year of providing consulting services and launching two training courses: "Protection of Personal Data under GDPR" and "GDPR Implementation and Compliance" Siarhei with his partners founded Data Privacy Office LLC.

Starting from 2018 DPO has been organizing GDPR days in Minsk and Moscow, seminars to financial regulators (e.g. National Bank of the Republic of Belarus) and developing a DPO Club (Russian speaking community of professionals in the field of data privacy).

Statistics and geography

DPO has completed more than 300* projects on: 1) implementing GDPR; 2) training employees; 3) outsourcing the function of the Data Protection Officer in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Poland and Cyprus.

*as of May 25, 2018, and including projects completed before re-organization of DPO LLC

We brought our experience from Germany and the USA
Leading consultants of Data Privacy Office acquired their knowledge and experience in the field of personal data protection in Western companies. In particular, Siarhei Varankevich - in 2015-2016 worked with the Regulations even before joining the TNC Allianz in Munich and in 2016 defended the thesis "Implication of European data protection reform on information security system of global insurance companies" at the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen, Germany. Olga Zavalniuk has been working in the field of privacy and data protection in the US as a member of the Privacy Team in the legal department of Hyundai Motor America since 2011.
The only focus is the protection of personal data
The main and only focus of attention of DPO is privacy and protection of personal data. The company does not deal with issues of intellectual property, M&A and others, preferring to accumulate experience, intellectual resources, and competent employees in the area its management understands best - privacy and data protection. Huge volume of regulations and standards, complexity of managerial processes and software solutions require such a narrow specialization, if the company wants to maintain the high quality of its services. 
We know the regional specifics
DPO is based in the CIS, its consultants are fluent in Russian and English, know the realities of doing business, regional specifics, including the mentality, labor relations, management approaches, and the specifics of relationships with supervisory authorities. This allows us to find the most effective approach to solving problems in such a troublesome and expensive process as the introduction of a personal data protection framework in the enterprise. In addition, the diverse background of its employees (from technical to legal) helps them understand the needs of their clients and speak their language.
The face of world leaders in Eastern Europe
DPO is a regional partner of Canadian NYMITY Inc., which has developed Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework ™ and for the last 15 years has been the world leader in solutions for information privacy departments. In addition, DPO cooperates with the Norwegian Signatu, a provider of solutions for collection and recording of consent to the processing of personal data, automated creation of privacy (confidentiality) policies, and management of third parties to whom personal data are transferred.
We respect the privacy of our clients
DPO LLC implements the same measures that it helps to introduce to clients. Starting with a privacy policy and ending with the encryption of personal data, the company follows the highest standards in its sector.
International associations are included
Siarhei Varankevich is a full member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), an international association of more than 30,000 specialists in the field of data privacy. Participating in congresses and conferences, visits, discussions, the company and its consultants are in the same information flow with the advanced countries of the West. For example, DPO for several hours through internal IAPP channels is able to obtain expertise on a complex issue from leading experts from anywhere in the world - from France to New Zealand.

Official information:

Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office” registered by Minsk City Executive Committee on 19.03.2018

Tax-payer account number (UNN): 193051454

Long title: Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office”

Brief title: LLC “DPO”

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