Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office” (LLC "DPO")


You, of course, want to become the best in your business. But can you achieve success without losing the love and trust of your users?

We at the company "Data Privacy Office" are for building a business for many years, creating trusting and honest relationships with our customers.

And we believe that it is possible to develop a super-successful business while preserving important human values: mutual respect, sincerity, and the desire to bring benefits.

In the modern world, there are no more personal boundaries and our whole life is under the supervision of video cameras, social networks and search robots. If desired, you can get any information about each person: how he/she lives, how much he/she earns, what he/she eats, what he/she enjoys, who he/she is friends with.

And this information can both benefit this person and cause great harm. But not always in the pursuit of profits, businesses think about it. And then it's too late to correct mistakes...

We want to change that!

After all, a careful attitude to your customers is in the hands of both them and you. They deserve trust for years, and you can lose it in one moment. But it is the trust and loyalty of customers that is the most valuable resource of a business.


Great companies understand that their prosperity is directly related to the prosperity of their customers. And they do everything in order to bring as much benefit as possible, and minimize or completely eliminate harm to their customers.

We also adhere to this policy in our company. DPO employees and consultants are always looking for the simplest and most friendly solutions for all their clients.

  1. We will never ask you to do unnecessary work, just to enter additional numbers in the invoice.
  2. We always carefully consider and review the solutions that we offer you, and we are responsible for them.
  3. We are constantly learning and developing to improve our competence and be even more useful to our customers.

 We see ourselves as a guide, that will tell you the way to customer privacy and help come to results faster and easier.

We are open to cooperation with developing, proactive companies that:

  • they build their business not only for short money, but also for something more, an important idea or principle;
  • they want customers to sincerely thank them for the benefits that this company has created for them;
  • they believe that they are making the world a better place, both for themselves and for future generations;
  • we are ready to actively act, invest resources and efforts to move from a good company to a great one.

If this is about you – we will be very happy to meet you!


Why are we?


  1. We train, test and certify the knowledge of your employees in the programs GDPR Data Privacy Professional, GDPR Data Privacy Manager, GDPR Aware. This is one of the main line of business.You will learn how to maintain a high level of privacy. We will not only do everything ourselves, keeping the “know-how” secret, but also share our knowledge.
  2. We assess the risks for a particular product and create an individual strategy – the fastest and most effective. You don't have to spend resources on unnecessary and low-priority tasks.
  3. We specialize only in privacy and personal data protection according to international standards (GDPR, ISO27701). We don't deal with intellectual property, M&A and other issues. Instead, we accumulate experience, intellectual resources and competent employees in the field of privacy protection. The huge volume of regulations and standards, the complexity of management processes, and the complexity of software solutions require a narrow specialization if the company wants to maintain the high quality of its services.
  4. We support the competence of our consultants and their knowledge is confirmed by the entire line of international certificates CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP. You will be sure that the consultants' actions are based not only on experience, which may be subjective and incorrect. Certifications confirm real knowledge and skills. You can be sure of the quality of our projects and trainings .
  5. We create our own unique developments (DPIA & Privacy by Design methodology, personal data formula, etc.). With the tools, templates, and techniques that we have developed internally over the years, our experts make the work for you faster and more cost-effective.
  6. DPO LLC is not an individual expert, but the work of an whole team. We regularly meet to consult or arrange a "consultation" on your complex case. The various competencies of our team complement each other: marketing, software development, law, management, HR, information security, etc.


Official information:

Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office” registered by Minsk City Executive Committee on 19.03.2018

Tax-payer account number (UNN): 193051454

Long title: Limited Liability Company “Data Privacy Office”

Brief title: LLC “DPO”

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