Professions in the sphere of data privacy



Usually in Eastern Europe the work duties on personal data protection are placed upon a lawyer or information security specialist. Soon, if the privacy protection brand continues, these responsibilities will no longer be just an additional function of existing professionals.

Professions in the field of personal data protection are divided into 3 levels:

  • A professional – knows the rules and tells how to follow them.
  • Manager – builds a system of compliance and implementation of these rules in the company.
  • Technologist – implements the manager’s ideas as a technical component, i.e. software, as well as participates in the design and implementation of privacy.

In order to become a manager or technologist, you must first become a professional, as it helps to understand the basic rules.

The rules help to understand what needs to be implemented in the business processes of the company or software development. At the level of a professional, the introductory part, the base “what is information privacy”, “what is personal data” and the fundamental rules based on 6 principles of GDPR are studied. And, of course, the question of how the system of personal data protection works ideally is raised, for example, through the realization of the subject’s right.

Many people really consider this as a lawyer’s issue. This is not the case at all. The jurisprudence is quite different from what Data Privacy Professional studies, even if we analyze only the logic of understanding.

Our course on personal data protection is often attended by lawyers, who say that the available knowledge rather prevented them from understanding the essence of working with the Regulation.

There is a desire to grow in the field of privacy protection and you don’t know where to start? We teach personal data protection on 3 levels. There is a certificate for every completed program  (if a person passes the test successfully).


GDPR DPPDPM Professions in the sphere of data privacy 


As we have already said, we should start at the level of “professional” (appropriate training  GDPR Data Privacy Professional). This is an opportunity not only to delve into the profession, but also to learn about 70% of the material needed to pass the international CIPP/E certification.

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