Mobile Service, LLC feedback

Mobile Service, LLC feedback

Mobile Service, LLC is a leading system integrator of the Republic of Belarus in the field of IT-solutions and information security, relying on the high professionalism of its employees. The company’s team consists of more than 100 people, whose professional competence is confirmed by certificates, including unique ones for the Republic of Belarus. Our experts are certified by the world's leading manufacturers and developers of the industry, such as Cisco Systems, DеllЕМС, HewlettРасkard, Аwауа, VМwаrе, АРС by Schneider Electric, Citrix, Microsoft Соrр., NetАрр, ORACLE, Symantec, InfoWatch, SearchInform, Positive Technologies, and many others.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, one of our employees was sent to “TopSkills” Business School from January 16 to January 19, 2018 to attend the course “Data protection under the GDPR”, after the successful completion of which he received the certificate “Data Privacy Professional (GDPR DРР)”.

We express our gratitude to the trainer and consultant Siarhei Varankevich, as well as to the entire “TopSkills” team for their unique knowledge, professionalism, and skill in the presentation of material, and their systematic, competent and meaningful approach to the learning process.

A rather large amount of very specific information was presented in an accessible form, provided with infographics and diagrams, analysis of concrete cases and situations, and references to reliable sources of information.

The timing, location, and conditions of the training also left a positive impression.

Considering the above, we are honored to recommend this course for the training of specialists in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and wish the “TopSkills” team and Siarhei Varankevich all the best.

Yours faithfully,
Director of Mobile Service, LLC
Yu. V. Levdansky
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