Effective Soft, LLC feedback

Effective Soft, LLC feedback

Effective Soft, LLC is a developer of highly intelligent and knowledge-intensive program products certified by a partner of Microsoft company (MS Gold Certified Partner), and also provides services for the development and support of customized software for more than 70 clients from the USA and European countries.

We invited Siarhei Varankevich (Business School «TopSkills») to hold an introductory corporate training on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to meet demands of our clients from the EU in September 2017, and then in October 2017 we directed our staff to his author’s course «Data protection under GDPR».

The introductory training on GDPR helps the leadership and staff of our company to estimate situation and to answer the questions about the necessity of implementation of new approaches, the sphere of the GDPR activity, risks and priorities in preparation for GDPR.

As regards the open monthly course for the training of professionals in the sphere of information privacy, our staff got skills in the identification, classification of personal data and rules of processing. We must stress the value of information on grounds for collection and cross-border transmission of personal data, methods of risk analysis performance, matter of privacy policies.

You can expect an accessibility of material performance, existence of primary sources, regular monitoring of knowledge in the form of tests and extensive infographics during Siarhei Varankevich training.

We express our appreciation to a corporate trainer and consultant Siarhei Varankevich and «TopSkills» team for unique knowledge, broad understanding of context and individual approach during the training of our staff. We wish you success in your worthy and relevant business!

Director of Effective Soft, LLC
Y. Shirokanov

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