Positive Technologies feedback

Positive Technologies feedback

My colleague and I successfully completed the courses Data Privacy Professional and Data Privacy Manager, which are taught by Sergey Varankevich, data privacy specialist, who conducted Sergey Chernyshenko, and also passed the CIPP / E certification from Olga Zavalnyuk.

I am a lawyer in a Russian IT company. The DPP course in Russia was not as qualified as they could. I believe the best courses on GDPR. Moreover, Sergey Voronkevich perfectly understood that everyone has an opportunity. Very useful schemes - they allow you to visually memorize information and remember it in seconds. What does the scheme of the entire GDPR drawn by Sergey Voronkevich stand for, which, in my opinion, is worth animating and turning into a cartoon.

As a lawyer, I really liked the Data Privacy Technology course. Thanks to Sergey Chernyshenko, the course is very accessible on privacy protection in IT services. After such a course, it became even easier to find a common language with IT specialists.
Advice on taking courses on the team that will be implementing the GDPR in the company. We are participating in this process by colleagues.

We decided to pass the exam and get the CIPP / E certificate. Olga Zavalnyuk prepared us for the exam. This exam is only thanks to Olga and the knowledge gained from her. Answering the teacher’s questions is very difficult to find. The difficulties of friendships that we maintain so far.

Confidentiality of data Andrey Grinash (Andrew Khrinash) for the excellent organization of our joint work, punctuality, attentiveness and positive.

Special thanks to Olga Zavalnyuk, Sergey Voronkevich and Sergey Chernyshenko for their remarkable human qualities - these are not just professionals, but people.

March 23, 2020
Artyom Bystrov
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