Positive Technologies feedback

Positive Technologies feedback

I want to thank colleagues from Data Privacy Office for their professionalism, customer focus, excellent organization, as well as flexibility and sensitivity in relation to all students in the courses.

I work in an IT company as a Senior Legal Counsel in international projects. After the entry into force of the GDPR, it became necessary to gain deeper knowledge of the Regulation in order to be able to correctly apply its requirements in its work within the framework of Russian realities. Therefore, together with my colleague, who also works closely with GDPR, I attended the courses Data Privacy Professional and Data Privacy Manager, which are taught by Sergey Voronkevich, as well as Data Privacy Technologist, which is taught by Sergey Chernyshenko. Impressions were the most positive.

Data Privacy Professional courses provide the foundation for GDPR, all information is given in a structured, understandable way. Having studied the Regulations and taking the course, you understand how deeply the legislation was conducted by Sergey Voronkevich, so that it is so simple and clear to present the most complex information in the schemes. Schemes are perfectly remembered and serve as an excellent base for further work.

Courses Data Privacy Manager is not even courses at all, but essentially the integration of GDPR in a company under the guidance of an experienced coach. Sergey helped us to create a project team in our company and helped to establish business processes in such a way that they comply with the Regulations.

The Data Privacy Technologist courses were very interesting as a lawyer, because they allow you to see the situation through the eyes of a technical specialist and, thus, a more global picture of the action of GDPR.

I believe that at the moment these are the best GDPR rates that exist on the Russian market. The knowledge that they give there is successfully applied in work, as well as in preparation for passing CIPP / E, if you decide to grow further. I would recommend taking DPP, DPM and DPT courses with a team consisting of those specialists who work with GDPR in your company. This will allow you to better understand each other and speak the same language.

After completing the DPP, DPM and DPT courses, my colleague and I decided not to stop there and to be certified for CIPP / E. Olga Zavalnyuk helped us prepare for the exam. Olga is a very positive and easy-going person and at the same time a first-class specialist, with whom even the most complex material is acquired easily and simply. Thanks to her preparation, we were able to successfully pass the exam the first time without any problems. I want to thank Olga for teaching me that she patiently explained everything, that she encouraged and encouraged us before the exam, and that she worried for us almost more than we ourselves.

Special thanks to Sergey Voronkevich, Sergey Chernyshenko and Olga Zavalnyuk not only for their professionalism, but also for their universal human qualities, for their kindness, openness, patience and willingness to support and help in even the most difficult situation. Also many thanks to the Data Privacy Office manager Andrei Grinash for organizing our collaboration, for understanding and patience, for the positive. We are very pleased to work with you!

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your good faith, mutual understanding, and good working contacts between our companies.

Until new projects!

March 23, 2020
Senior Legal Counsel
Kristina Goncharenko
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