DPO Club

DPO Club is a closed community of practising professionals in the sphere of information privacy, working in the CIS. The Club consists of data protection officers (DPO), lawyers and experts in the sphere of information security, participating in projects to implement GDPR, and also researchers and scientists in this field. Together we create a platform for communication, mutual assistance and exchange of thematic news.

Сlub mission

to help companies in the CIS countries care about the personal data of their consumers, customers, employees and partners. Community members dream of a world where a person is protected from unwanted views and can control information about themselves.



Everyone who has relevant experience in the field of privacy and protection of personal data can become a member of the DPO Club community. To do this, fill out the entry form and write about your relationship with the GDPR. This is important, as members of the club exchange knowledge, experience, and advice regarding the Rules. It is important that everyone can not only acquire something new for themselves, but also offer.


Where is the community located?

The platform for DPO Club is a group in facebook, where colleagues communicate, exchange news, participate in monthly online meetings, which discuss current topics, practical cases and questions. Between meetings, participants chat on Facebook. If you have experience or professional interest, you can join the club here.

Club meetings are held in online conference every month. Usually the program consists of a speech by one of the experts, questions and answers and discussion of the latest news. Each participant can speak or offer his own variants of sharing of experience.
When When
Once a month
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