Individual counseling on typical issues that arise on the path to the GDPR Compliance.

Консультации по GDPR
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Check your approach for compliance with GDPR.
GDPR Implementation
GDPR Roadmap+ Implementation Program
Training and consulting support of the working group on the GDPR implementation, ad hoc consultations on problematic areas.
Пакеты услуг
Privacy Policy Development and Notice Drafting
We could write a privacy policy or privacy notice for your company so you will be GDPR-compliant with regard to Art. 13 and 14.
Privacy policy and privacy notice audit
Check your approach for compliance with GDPR.
GDPR gap analysis
Together, we find gaps in compliance with the regulations (GDPR, ePrivacy, etc.) At the same time we determine potential risks stemming from these violations. As a result, you get an action plan adapted specifically to your company’s situation that will guide you on your journey to implementation of GDPR and other applicable regulations.
Identification of personal data processing (Data mapping)
This is the first activity on the way to bringing the company into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Data mapping allows you to determine the scope of work required for implementation of the GDPR, stakeholders involved in the project, potential risks to the company, and is the first step to creation of the Record of Processing Activities, which is required by Article 30 of the Regulation.

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