Privacy policy and privacy notice audit

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prescribes that a data subject (users, product and service clients, staff) must be provided with a whole list of up-to-date information. This list is outlined in Article 13, 14 of the GDPR. It includes the contact details of your DPO (Data Protection Officer), purposes and legal basis of each processing, categories of processed data, facts and conditions of transboundary transfer, reference to subject rights, etc. There are cases when companies got fined for having not fulfilled these requirements.

If you took the right decision and developed a privacy policy by yourself, you need to check it for compliance with the GDPR.


  1. Check internally written privacy policy for gaps, shortcomings or serious mistakes.
  2. Get an opinion on the compliance of your privacy policy with the GDPR requirements or a list of shortcomings with recommendations for correcting them;
  3. Secure your own business against complaints of data subjects and inspections (therefore fines) of supervisory authorities;
  4. Demonstrate to partners, clients and staff your commitment to transparency and enforcement of laws.
Duration Duration
Less than 1 week
Price Price

Phases of work

Text analysis of privacy policy for GDPR-compliance
Using a checklist of our own design, we determine the degree to which your privacy policy meets the requirements of the GDPR and the Guidelines on Transparency
List of shortcomings and recommendations
After the audit, you will not be left alone with the results. You will receive our recommendations for correcting shortcomings, so you can become GDPR-compliant!
Work review by another consultant
We always guarantee the quality of our services, as the final report is checked by another experienced consultant
Presentation and discussion of the final report
Explaining our recommendations extensively, we will not leave unanswered any questions regarding the compliance with Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR!

Feel the benefits!

Conclusion on whether your privacy policy complies with the GDPR requirements
Recommendations for your privacy policy
Demonstration of your interest to protect data subject rights (including employees)
Transparency towards customers and authorities
Fresh look at the internal processes in your company


Pavel Lazavenka LLB, GDPR DPP, Strategic Privacy by Design
GDPR Consultant
LLB, GDPR Data Privacy Professional. Specializes in Data Processing Agreements, drafting and auditing of privacy notice (privacy policy), DSARs management. Able to assist you with the DPIA and LIA. Trained in Strategic Privacy by Design.


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