SaaS products in the field of personal data protection management, which is recommended by our company:

signatu Consent is an inexpensive way to manage user consent in accordance with EU GDPR.

signatu Trackerdetect automatically maps out 3rd parties directly or indirectly running on your website, all the 3rd party trackers and services running on it, where they were loaded, and contact details of the provider companies.

signatu Policy helps you create GDPR-compliant Privacy Policies in multiple languages by answering a questionnaire.

Norwegian signatu makes software services to support digital businesses create value from personal data in a legal, transparent and secure manner.




Nymity ExpertMapping™ helps you maintain data processing records, know where data resides, stay ready for regulatory inquiries, meet GDPR requirements and mitigate risks.

Nymity ExpertPIA™, which you can use for mitigating risk by embedding privacy by design into every DataPIA/Privacy Impact Assessment,  completing PIAs/DPIAs with higher speed and accuracy, creating accountability mechanisms, promoting internal privacy awareness.

Nymity Templates™ helps you clearly build or enhance privacy program with over 800 practical and downloadable documents.

Nymity Planner™, which you can use for organizational privacy management planning, structured privacy office reporting, privacy ownership and accountability, building business cases for enhanced privacy management, collaborating with your law/consulting firm.

Nymity is the leading global research company, which provides privacy compliance, research, and risk management solutions for organizations. Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ creator.


Signatu Policy:


Signatu Consent:


Signatu Trackerdetect:


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