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Starting to follow European standards for the protection of personal data, companies face typical issues:

Пакеты услуг
Do the data refer to personal
Аутсорс DPO
The occurrence of a particular business process under the GDPR
Консультации по GDPR
DPO Assignment
Determining the legal basis for processing PD

"DPO" LLC has developed unique approaches to how to quickly and accurately answer these questions, providing the client with an individual consultation, which he can immediately apply in practice.

Since we made the analysis of these situations as efficient and qualitative as possible, we developed questionnaires and flowcharts, standardized the algorithm and analysis tools, we moved away from the hourly rates and set the price for a standard service.

When ordering a sample consultation, you know its final cost. It does not depend on how long the consultation will take and how long our consultant will have to prepare for it.


Types of consultations

We can audit your compliance with GDPR. External and internal audits of projects, processes or instances of processing.
DPO Club
DPO Club
Invitation-only group for data protection professionals, working in CIS. A platform for communication, mutual assistance and news exchange.
Privacy policy and privacy notice audit
Check your approach for compliance with GDPR.
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HIPAA, FINRA, SOX compliance
We can help you achieve this compliance by assisting with some questions.

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