Courses on personal data protection

GDPR courses from certified professionals in individual and corporate formats.




Available Courses and Formats of GDPR Training



GDPR Data Privacy Professional (GDPR DPP)

The regular GDPR course. Provides you with comprehensive knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation and an understanding of the logic behind European requirements regarding the protection of personal data. Available to employees of all profiles and an excellent professional development opportunity for external consultants.


GDPR Data Privacy Technologist (GDPR DPT)

The course has been launched to meet the growing need for technical privacy measures. We will discuss the main aspects of data privacy protectionin IT products. It aims to build proactive privacy protection processes by adhering to the core principles of the Regulations in the design and use of modern technologies and services. 


GDPR Data Privacy Manager (GDPR DPM)

Training on the organisational (management) aspects of GDPR Compliance. Will provide those already working with GDPR 'in the field' with everything they need to organise, maintain and manage a company's personal data protection system. As a result, managers not only know and understand the requirements of the Regulation, but can make it all work for the good of the company. 


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Open format

Training in open groups consisting of various company representatives following a standardised curriculum.  


Corporate format

The coach conducts the training at your company, adapting the programme to the specifics and geography of the business. Beneficial for large groups of 12-20 people (the cost is fixed). Effective, confidential.


Individual format

Preparation for CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT in Russian or English by choice. The coach works with you individually at your own pace and at your convenience via Zoom. 



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