Available Courses and Formats of GDPR Training


GDPR Data Privacy Professional (GDPR DPP) delivers the comprehensive GDPR knowledge, perspective and understanding to ensure compliance and data protection success in Europe. For consulting specialists its a great opportunity to take advantage of the career opportunity this sweeping legislation represents.

GDPR Data Privacy Technologist (GDPR DPT) launched to meet the growing need that only tech pros can fill-DPT focuses on securing data privacy at all stages of IT product and service lifecycles. The DPT credential shows you have the knowledge to build your organization’s privacy structures from the ground up.

GDPR Data Privacy Manager (GDPR DPM) training course arms privacy and data protection professionals with everything they need to establish, maintain and manage an enterprise-wide privacy program across its entire lifecycle. DPMs know privacy regulations, and they know how to make them work for their organizations.

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Open format - Training in open groups, consisting of representatives of various companies, according to a standardized program.  To order, select the dates and the city that are convenient for you in the catalog below.


Corporate format - The coach conducts the training in your company, adapting the program to the specifics and geography of your business. It is beneficial for large groups of 12-20 people because its fixed price makes that solution cost-effective and it assures confidentiality. Please fill out the form below to order.


Individual format - The coach works with you on an individual program at the right pace and a convenient time for you on Skype. Preparation for international certifications CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT in Russian or English, at your choice. Please fill out the form below to order.


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